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The Americans

The Americans’ “Prison Yard Walk”

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Back in 2009, the band with one of the most patriotic names emerged from the cold hearted Los Angeles.

Patrick Ferris, Jake Faulkner, Zac Sokolow and Tim Carr formed The Americans and based their sound around the principles of raw rock n’ roll, country, bluegrass and beautifully crafted folk. Their first self-titled EP was launched back in 2010, including 5 songs that seem taken from a 1950’s music era and re-recorded in the present.

Prison Yard Walk takes the always inspirational Johnny Cash-like inmate theme but brought down to the sentimental side of life. For those who have ever felt lost, heartbroken, forgotten or out of place, this blues rocking song fits as an appropriated soundtrack for you.

The Americans are touring the U.S. throughout October and are worth a night of your life. The EP is surprisingly breathtaking for being a first-timer and is worth a 30 minutes listening, especially if you are into American music and its roots mixed with intimate lyrics.

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Written by:

Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer


The Americans’ Prison Yard Walk