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Temptations’ “(I Know) I’m Losing You”

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There’s just something about Sundays that make you want to take it easy and listen to some Motown or old school R&B. To some, it’s like a version of church–a music that nurtures the soul. Hardly any other group embodies this more than the Temptations. But even amongst the soul-soothing there are still songs of struggle and hardship and this is one of those. “(I Know) I’m Losing You” is one of this group’s most affecting songs because it deviates from the more syrupy-sweet sounds of many of their earlier Smokey Robinson produced songs and has a desperation and sadness. Listen:

Acknowledging the incredible power of this song isn’t anything new; many have covered this song, including Rod Stewart and The Jackson 5. It’s hard to find fault with any version of this excellent song, but it’s this original version that has the most impact. David Ruffin’s raspy vocals sell the drama of the song in a way no one else can. Many of us have been there in the position of the song’s narrator, where you’re still with someone but you know, deep down that it’s just not the same and you’re drifting apart. So this isn’t your typical soul Sunday music, but it’s worth a listen if you never have. For those that think the Temptations can be summed up in the soft cooing of “My Girl,” think again. This was a group with infinite range and depth.

Written by:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer