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LIGHTS nashville show review

LIGHTS w/ Phases @ Nashville – Concert Review

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The night started off with LA natives, Phases. This 4-piece indie-pop band put on a great performance and created an exciting atmosphere. Front-woman and lead vocalist, Z-Berg, brought her big personality and somewhat…


Lorde’s “Royals”

Song Of The Day

So despite being a big fan of Hard Rock, Metal, and other more extreme forms of music, there’s one weakness of mine that’s reared its head lately: electropop with female vocals. It started…

Disco Biscuits

Camp Bisco XII – Festival Review


It’s been about a month since we all broke camp and returned to real life, or perhaps moved on to the next festival. For some, the week after a festival is electric –…

Dawn of Midi's "Nix"

Dawn of Midi’s “Nix”

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Jazz trio Dawn of Midi made a name for themselves with their free jazz debut First a couple years back with a focus on restraint: rhythms begging for further melodic heft, sparse keys…

Astro Ciervos

Astro’s “Ciervos”

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Regarded as Chile’s MGMT, the comparison is pretty obvious once you hit play and hear their track Ciervos, where the amalgam of now standardized neo psychedelic synthesizers around organic guitar strums and borderline…

Zola Jesus Versions Review

Zola Jesus’ ‘Versions’ – Album Review

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Zola Jesus has made a name for herself with her distinct brand of gothic-tinged electro pop. Her songs are often quite busy: deep, powerful vocals doused with a healthy dose of reverb, intricate…

Camp Bisco Photos

Camp Bisco XII – Photos

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Below you will find our photo gallery from Camp Bisco XII, which recently took place just outside of Albany, NY. This festival featured such acts as Bassnecter, Passion Pit, STS9, Animal Collective, Umphrey’s…


Lightning in a Bottle – Festival Review

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“What time is it?” asks a total stranger while a whirlwind of fire dancing, gymnastics and psychedelic visuals unfurl before my eyes. “No idea,” I respond. I gave up on the concept of…


Luke Miller of Lotus – An Interview

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About half way through Camp Bisco XII, arguably the freshest looking Pharrell Williams fan in the whole place, Luke Miller (guitar and keyboard player of Lotus and Luke the Knife) was standing outside…

lykke li remix beck

Lykke Li’s “Get Some” – Remixed by Beck

Song Of The Day

As it’s the weekend, let’s hear something with a little spunk and attitude, to help you enjoy these work/school free days. This is a remix done by Beck of Lykke Li’s song “Get…


Camp Bisco XII – Festival Preview


While it may not feel like it, June is winding down quickly and July is right around the corner. That means fireworks, barbeque, beer with flags on the can, water balloon fights, celebrating…

Charli XCX

Charli XCX’s “You (Ha Ha Ha)”

Song Of The Day

We’re approaching the end of a work week and that calls for a little celebration dance in the form of this incredibly catchy ear candy from up and coming British pop songstress Charli…