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Disco Biscuits

Camp Bisco XII – Festival Review


It’s been about a month since we all broke camp and returned to real life, or perhaps moved on to the next festival. For some, the week after a festival is electric –…

Chris Clark secrets

Chris Clark’s “Secret”

Song Of The Day

Chris Clark is a UK electronic music producer who’s spread the gamut from early dub and krautrock to a more Bibio and Boards of Canada brand of reverb drenched acoustic instrument electronica. This…


Muse’s ‘The 2nd Law’ – Album Review

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No other album has caused this much personal disappointment and heartbreak. Muse is a band who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, rising above the Radiohead comparisons to gain their own fevered following…

Beats Antique Cat Skillz

Beats Antique: Cat Skillz

Song Of The Day

Artist: Beats Antique Song: “Cat Skillz” Album: Elektrafone A chorus of horns and a deliberate drum beat make the backbone of this song with pulsing synthesizers and siren samples creating a harmonic ambiance…


Euphoria Fest Preview


You say you want more, Austin Texas? SxSW wasn’t enough to scratch that concert itch? Looking for something with more beats to move your feet? Euphoria Fest has you covered. As the name…


James Blake @ The Metro

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In theory James Blake isn’t doing anything truly novel or revolutionary in his tactical approach to making his music. Using effected & repetitive choruses, mixing in adroit keyboard skills, and using highly slowed…

Stage Lights

A Preview of Camp Bisco 2011


Are you ready for the party of the summer? There is only one festival this season with not only an exceedingly fresh lineup of electronic music, but also the glorious main event, six…


Skeetones “Retrospektive” Will Get Your Bass Bum...

Album Reviews

The electronic music genre is one that has grown quickly and vastly since we ushered in the new millennium. One unfortunate side effect is that the pool of talented and noteworthy musicians has…


Deadmau5’s “Raise Your Weapon”

Song Of The Day

Song: Raise Your Weapon Artist: Deadmau5 LP: 4 x 4 = 12 As the first substantially “spring’ish” day descends upon many of us, it is only right for today’s song to be one…


Is This All For Real by Shigeto

Song Of The Day

Glitchy, electronic, static, pulsating and distant. Shigeto, a Michigan native, has released many songs along these lines. His interesting compositions span from beautiful to noisy and aurally represent the age we live in….


Bassik: An Examination of New Orleans’ Emerging Bass Cultu...

Editors Pick

Through all the different varieties and genres of music, the collective fan bases can comprise a sort of subculture. This outlet not only serves as a means of networking amongst those with similar…