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Summer Camp Festival 2012 Preview


summercamp festival 2012Summer Camp Festival 2012 kicks off on May 25th in Chillicoth, IL. So, if you haven’t heard about it yet, here’s the gist… get there! The first Summer Camp was held in 2001, boasting a smaller gathering of about 1,000 attendees. Since then, the festival has progressed each year, and has now grown to a population of about 15,000. But make no mistake, this festival has undoubtedly managed to maintain the same perpetual energy, giving the festival an unmistakable close-knit posi-vibe. “Almost tripling the population of Chillicothe for the weekend, Summer Camp creates a city within a city, and greatly impacts the local business economy” ( Perhaps it’s the flawless lineups, or the fact that Summer Camp is a Green festival, or maybe even the cultivation of like-minded attendees it attracts, but Camp just keeps getting better and better.

summercamp festival 2012Being an earlier festival, Summer Camp has always set the bar for other fests to follow in the later summer months and has become renowned for its killer line-ups. One can always count on three days of Moe. and Umphrey’s McGee… and if that’s not enough to spark your interest, you’ll wiggle in your seat from excitement when you glimpse the wide variety of other headlining acts and beyond. This year, a plethora of pioneers and legends in each respective musical genre will be gathering at Three Sisters Park for a Memorial Day weekend festival that is sure to awe audiences for four whole days of fun.

Late Night Acts in the Redbarn include performances by: The Werks, Quixotic, Future Rock, Les Claypool and The Dead Kenny G’s, Ha Ha The Moose, Brain Damaged Eggmen (an Umphrey’s and Disco Biscuits side project.  This party will include songs of Pink Floyd and The Beatles), Gigantic Underground Conspiracy, Everyone Orchestra, Break Science, Gramatik, and Pretty Lights.

Umphrey’s McGee’s All Night Long

With six stages, and over 100 bands in just four days, Summer Camp has much to discover and unlock. Last year, I was personally surprised by the amount of music that I saw by bands that I hadn’t heard of, leaving the festival a new fan of many incredible acts.

Summer Camp is also renowned for its non-profit involvement, as well as community and environmental efforts. Who doesn’t want to reduce their impact on the ground which they live for a weekend? Especially when they make it so easy to do! Summer Camp has made many great accomplishments in reducing their carbon footprint by recycling, and reusing, as well as supporting local businesses. Here’s a cool fact: “Summer Camp provides biodiesel generators for all our electric needs” ( Another note… this festival is also held at the Three Sisters State Park, so yes… conscious greening is most definitely encouraged.

summercamp festival 2012With a vast plain for festival camping (not by your car), it’s the perfect space to post up camp for the weekend, with weather usually in the 70’s this time of year. It may rain, and it also may get cold at night, so as always be prepared! At present time, with the festival fast approaching, tickets are almost in the last tier of pricing at $194.60 for a three day pass. Summer Camp also provides VIP ticketing as well as RV passes. For more information regarding tickets, rules, and directions visit the website at

This is a year not to miss, friends and fellow festival goers! So drive, walk, take a bus, take a plane, however  you can… get to Summer Camp; with a lineup like this, you will certainly not be disappointed.

By Alicyn Lane

OurVinyl | Senior Writer

Below is the full list of acts with links for most so that you can check out some new acts before you get to the fest!


Thursday Pre-Party Lineup featuring: