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All our senior writers and staff listen to the tracks that are submitted each month. Please don’t add us to a random e-mail list. If you would like to reach out to a writer please send a brief personal e-mail along with 1 mp3 track.

Please send all of your other submissions to

If you would like us to feature your music please follow these steps when submitting.

1. In the subject of your e-mail please just list the month
2. In the e-mail please just list these details: Band Name, Location, Genre
3. Attach just 1 mp3 that represents your style of music.
4. Attach a photo that you would like us to use for a potential article
5. One sentence granting us permission to offer the track as a free download for our readers

We use e-mail filters to stay organized so if you don’t follow these steps your submission will be lost. Thanks so much for listening and your support. Artist that are featured in Back of the Rack also may potentially be featured and filmed for OurVinyl.Tv. Here’s a link to our latest session.

Please don’t hesitate to send your music. We work our best to listen to every track that is submitted.