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STS9’s “EHM”

Song Of The Day

Song: EHM
Artist: Sound Tribe Sector 9
Album: Ad Explorata

The song starts slow with a high melody and very little bass but plenty of layers to keep your ears tuned in. They ease you in before bringing out the bass and drums, setting a smooth and spooky mood laced with lots of synth tones. At nearly three minutes in, the bottom tones drop in and things get heavy. This is the point, if you were seeing it live, where everyone throws their hands in the air and start rocking to the beat. Even when you’re listening to the song in the car or at home, there’s something about that part that will incite a similar rush. The song goes back to the same high synth melody for a few minutes before upping the tempo to come to a rocking close.

By Meghan Bender