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sts9 scheme reprise

STS9 : “Scheme Reprise”

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Artist: Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9)
Song: “Scheme Reprise”
Album: When The Dust Settles (EP)

Turn on the subs for this one. Tribe’s reprise to Scheme has all of the ambience, inspiring vocal samples, and clap beats of Scheme but with way more BASS. Perfect.

The song comes on their 11th album When the Dust Settles (EP), released on their own label 1320 Records which has come to feature artists including Big Gigantic, Emancipator, Prefuse 73, Eliot Lipp and more. This EP is a great compass to the direction the band is going, as well as a gauge of how far they’ve come. The guys’ style has evolved over the years without conforming to the expectations of the mainstream making them a crowd favorite at festivals. They excel within the jam festival audience who can respect their ability to combine electronic elements with live instruments and improvisation.

STS9-Scheme Reprise by ENDIT! Management
Written By:
Meghan Bender | Senior Writer