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Stolen Babies’ “Naught” – Album Review

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The Los Angeles based experimental rock outfit, Stolen Babies have done it yet again, with the release of their second full length album, “Naught”. The new album is a musical adventure that only a band like Stolen Babies can provide. With their blend of punk, metal, circus music, and French impressionism, among other various influences, this is a band that is hard to compare to anything else in the music scene today.

Stolen babies naught album reviewThe album, “Naught”, is a follow up to the 2006 debut release, “There Be Squabbles Ahead”, and is a  musical continuation of where “Squabbles” left off, that according to Our Vinyl’s interview with bass player, Rani Sharone. In addition to Sharone, the eclectic group is made up of lead singer and accordion player Dominique Lenore Persi, Ben Rico on keyboards, and Rani’s brother, Gil Sharone behind the drums.

From the first track, “Never Come Back”, the grinding, hard hitting guitar riffs and driving rhythms, and Persi’s extremely unique vocal stylings and unparalleled range, the album takes off on a journey into the bizarre, wild, weird and wonderful world of the minds of Stolen Babies and takes the listener along for the musical ride of their lives.

The band’s eclectic sound and the many influences on their music can be heard on tracks like “Behind the Days”. In this song, it almost sounds like something that should come out of post-war France via the mind of Tim Burton and Dan Elfman, with its haunting melodies and accordion blending into the music, it completely takes a left turn from the previous tracks – which are more straight up metal songs – but still stays true to the heart and soul of the band. And on the exceptionally creepy intro to “Swimming Hole” this is another track that highlights the eclectic side of the band, and shows off their extremely quirky sound that captivates not just those who listen to hard rock or metal, but those who appreciate music in general.

Stolen Babies’ Swimming Hole

The album is a flawless blend of several styles of music that one would not think would be complimentary to each other, yet somehow Stolen Babies makes it all come together in strong sophomore effort that is bound to get the band noticed and grow their fan base exponentially.

Other stand out tracks on the release include “Civil Disguise” with its gripping base line grabbing attention from the very beginning of the track, and “Splatter” that just has a fun, almost bouncy melody, that while still stays in the background, becomes a great powerful track with an excellent hook.

Stolen Babies’ Prankster

Stolen babies naught album review“Prankster” is a another fantastic track on the release that showcases the unique sound that the band has formed, and has perfected over the last six years since they release of their debut album. For fans of old Oingo Boingo and Mr. Bungle, this is a band that is worth a listen to.

The band just wrapped up a five week tour to promote the new album, which is available now for digital download at both Amazon and ITunes, unless you’re more of a traditionalist, then the  physical release of the album is due out on October 16th and can be ordered from their website at or for more details check out the band’s Facebook page at

Written By Christina Lawler

OurVinyl | Contributor