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stolen babies filistata

Stolen Babies’ “Filistata”

Song Of The Day

Artist: Stolen Babies

Song: “Filistata”

Album: “There Be Squabbles Ahead” (2006)

Today’s song of the day comes from the extremely avant-garde band, Stolen Babies.  Part metal band and part gothic cabaret act, the band blends together instruments and unusual styles of music to create their own unique sound.

Dominique Lenore Persi leads the band on vocals and accordion, which let’s be real for a moment, the accordion is not your average instrument for a metal band.  Then, add in the usual heavy drum beats, synthesizers, guitars and bass combine them together and you have the catchy and very quirky little tune that is “Filistata”.  A song that leaves the listener wanting more and anxiously awaiting the bands forth coming release, expected out sometime later this year.

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Written By Christina Lawler