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Steely Dan’s “Black Cow”

Song Of The Day

Artist: Steely Dan
Song: “Black Cow”
Album: Aja

Flash back a few decades, and grab some of the smoothest rock around. Hop back in the time machine, bring it back to 2003, and believe it or not, it hasn’t lost a step. The Song of the Day today comes from a live performance during a 2003 tour by the cool cats in Steely Dan. From their most influential album, Aja, comes “Black Cow,” a song easily playable in any bar when closing time approaches, on the patio when grilling burgers or slipping into the hot tub, or maybe, if your lucky, when you get some precious alone time with that special someone. Don’t forget about these guys; they’re still around and kicking their stuff to large audiences every few years on tour.

Written by Dean Goranites