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State Champs’ “Apparently, I am Nothing”

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Artist: State Champs
Album: Apparently, I Am Nothing (2011)
Song: How It Used To Be
Label: Unsigned

State Champs are an unsigned DIY pop punk band from upstate New York. All members of the band are also full time college students. They have released an EP and then early this year released their mega EP, Apparently, I Am Nothing. The EP consists of their first EP plus four new songs. They have been building a loyal following through touring with other bands in the scene and good social networking usage. The band has plans to tour pretty heavily this summer in both the U.S. and Canada. Along with their upcoming touring plans State Champs will be putting a split EP out with another band to be named. The band will also continue to write for a new record. For those that enjoy that late ’90s, early 2000s style of pop punk, give this band a shot.

Written by:
Michael Schmidt