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Starfucker’s “Death As A Fetish”

Song Of The Day

Song: Death As A Fetish

Artist: Starfucker

Album: Reptilians

This song is one of the best inadvertent Beck impersonations you will ever find, and in a good way. Today’s song is one of the best off of Starfuckers recent wonderful album Reptilians. For this song this Portland band shows their more indie-rock side, but a bit of their electro sound also sneaks through. What’s so great about this song, and so darn simple, is the jumpy-synth-melody interacting with the subdued-but-constant acoustic guitar. And then the organic and backseat drum line just kinda walks the line between the two. And then there are the vocals… in which one might be able to sense the Beck comparison – although the music also contains that feel a little bit. Either way, it’s a solid song, off of a great record – enjoy.