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Stanley’s LP ‘Animals With Amazing Disguises’

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The want of every musician, solo or band, is to be unique, so as a rule most bands do not like comparisons. However, in their own words, Stanley ‘take the intelligence of The Divine Comedy, the creativity of Radiohead circa The Bends, and the soaring vocals of Scott Walker’.

Whist Stanley have been around for several years, this final lineup that oozes dexterity to make it in the music business was not formed until late 2010 when Scott joined. Their first single ‘Monkeys & Friends’ was released 15th November 2010 and since then there has been no turning back for the guys. Their greatly anticipated debut twelve track album Animals With Amazing Disguises, which was released 16th April 2012, flows with a talent that could no longer be classed as raw – especially in the unsigned genre these guys currently sit. Hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland, this band has gone from strength to strength, perfecting their sound to produce the perfect aural sensation throughout the entire album.

Stanley’s Obstacles

Animals opens with a track entitled ‘Join Hands’, the simplicity of a few ‘ba ba ba da ba ba’’s formulate a brilliant opening sequence, once you hear those first twenty seconds you are hooked, guaranteed brilliance with lyrics such as ‘No-one will make us right or wrong, I’ll prove you wrong’ the contradictions are fascinating. ‘Leave It Up To You’ brings the brass playing more to the attention of listeners, an exquisite composition that had this reviewer hypnotized.

Moving through the album each song has it’s own distinctiveness which only a certain kind of band can take on and make such a flawless album. ‘Edit The Night’ allows the listener to drift away into a black & white country western film, which blissfully reappears throughout the entire track, the repetitiveness of the dark and engaging lyrics present a relate-able cause for anyone who feels they are living in ‘groundhog day’ whilst engaging an enlightenment only released through music. ‘Obstacles’ really shows the bands flexibility as they crank the amps up and the ‘fuzz bass’ reaches far beyond your eardrums.

A true reflection of talent in ‘Animals With Amazing Disguises’ which allows you to discover something new with each and every listen and is available to order through iTunes, or via the bands website www.stanleytheband.com.

Written by Feeona Fletcher

OurVinyl.com | Contributor

Stanley’s Monkey and Friends