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St Paul and the Broken Bones Live on OVTV

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st. paul and the broken bonesIt’s hard not to walk away from this session with your jaw agape and your mind blown to smithereens. St. Paul and the Broken Bones’ vocal-driven, horn-entrenched soul/rock music is making a name for itself everywhere it goes, and is very likely to be the next big thing out of Alabama. Everyone in the band has chops, but the most remarkable weapon they are wielding is frontman Paul Janeway’s vocals.

They say Janeway started wailing straight out of the womb. Like a good southern boy, he got his start by singing in the choir at church. His original plan was to join the cloth and become an ordained priest. Unfortunately, the inner-rockstar in Paul didn’t mesh so well with the church, so he went off on his own to continue pursuing his talent for song. About a year ago, Janeway and his good friend and PIC Jesse Phillips hit the studio and came out with a new EP and a brand new band. Since then, the guys have been doing their thing all around the country, and wowing audiences with their stage presence and refreshing Alabama-style of soul music.

So we hope you enjoy these three songs with St. Paul. They performed for us live versions of “Call Me”, “Don’t Mean a Thing”, and “Grass is Greener”. If you’d like to buy some music, you can do so on their bandcamp. Keep your eye on these guys, they’re bound for big success!

Watch the full session here: