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st germain so flute

St. Germain’s: “So Flute”

Song Of The Day

Song: So Flute
Artist: St. Germain
Album: Tourist

Throughout his many different visions and passions in life, Ludovic Navarre created some of most unique styles of music today. Most popular to the public as St. Germain, this French musician combines acid jazz with house music, creating smooth upbeat rhythms that filter a lounge-type feel. St. Germain infuses his own samples and loops as well as live sampled sounds created by Jamaican guitarist Ernest Ranglin and percussionist Idrissa Diop.

The song of the day by this artist is called “So Flute” which features heavy sounds of the flute mixed with hand-drumming, piano and a swanky house beat. His music has been performed live on several occasions and is available to watch on YouTube. Download Tourist or his first album Boulevard on ITunes today!

Written by:
Marcella Neff

St.Germain – So Flute by ihsanozturk