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Soundgarden’s “Tighter and Tighter”

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This week OurVinyl is featuring a review of Soundgarden’s first new studio album in 16 years, ‘King Animal.’ Guitarist Kim Thayil has said that it felt like a picking back up where their last studio album, ‘Down on the Upside’ left off. Today we feature a song from that last studio album, “Tighter and Tighter.” This song has everything that makes a classic Soundgarden song: monster guitar riffs, soaring vocals from Chris Cornell, and a throbbing rhythm section.

Soundgarden’s “Tighter and Tighter”

The second half of ‘Down on the Upside’ feels incredibly underppareciated with some of the best songs of their career buried in the back of a record front-loaded with singles. “Pretty Noose,” “Blow Up the Outside World,” and “Burden in My Hand” are all within the first seven songs of a 16 song album. It’s understandable if you’ve never given this song special attention, but now’s your chance. Clocking in at six minutes this song has incredible breadth and depth, with a slow, mournful section, loud wall-of-sound moments of thunder punctuated by Cornell’s howl of “sleep tight for me, I’m gone” and instrumental sections full of wailing guitar solos. There’s something dark and claustrophobic about it, yet it just feels so good. Take a listen to this deep cut and enjoy one of the best bands of the 1990s.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer