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Soundgarden’s “I’ve Been Away Too Long”

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While some (likely awesome) people would argue that any time is a good time for some Soundgarden, the choice of “I’ve Been Away Too Long” stems from the band’s performance Saturday night here in Austin. It was an incredible performance full of energy and the musical prowess of a band still in love with their craft. That’s the exciting thing about this band’s return: while other reunion acts seem to go through the motions to get a paycheck and play the hits, Soundgarden not only tour playing the hits, they also play deep cuts and even recorded a new album of high quality material. Take a listen to the opening track from their first album in 16 years, ‘King Animal,’ right here:

Truth be told, this song didn’t grab me on first listen. It didn’t have the epic nature of many of their biggest singles so felt slight as a promotional single. However, once you free it from those impossible expectations what you find is a fun little rock and roll number that feels like a mission statement. Singer Chris Cornell, still in great vocal shape, tells us he’s been away too long (especially if we forget the abomination that was ‘Scream’), and it’s hard to argue. This song has a sense of humor and tears through your ears at a quick pace, bringing the perfect kind of energy for driving on a beautiful, sunny Memorial Day. Enjoy!

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer