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Soulja Slim’s “I’ll Pay For It”

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Today’s song is a shout-out to one of New Orleans’ founding fathers of trap music. And while Soullja Slim had a big influence upon fellow NOLA rappers like Lil’ Wayne, Master P, and Juvenile – chances are that unless you are from the crescent city you do not know this beloved rapper. I’ll Pay For It is one of his boisterously fun tracks from his 2003 album “Years Later A Few Months Later”. You may know him as the other rapper on Juvenile’s No. 1 track Slow Motion. But unfortunately that song came out after Soulja’s death on Thanksgiving of 2003, when he was shot in his front yard in a drive by.

Listen to his wild flow style, that still stays within the beat, but also plays with it. It’s playful, makes you want to move, but still has a slightly threatening undertone. Very New Orleans… Enjoy.