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Generator ^ First Floor

Song Of The Day

Song: Generator ^ First Floor
Band: Freelance Whales
Album: Weathervanes (2010)

The first time I saw a video for Generator ^ First Floor, I immediately had to Google Freelance Whales to find out what instrument one of the band members was playing.  It kind of looked like an accordion on its side, but didn’t sound anything like it.   Google quickly provided an answer; it’s a harmonium.   In addition to the strange looking organ, Freelance Whales also employs the banjo and glockenspiel, which are two other instruments that you don’t see in every band.

While I usually go for songs that have strong lyrics that reveal a universal truth, Generator ^ First Floor is carried by its diverse instrumentation and the band’s vocal harmonies.   Freelance Whales may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I think the song is relaxing way to start your Sunday morning.