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Song Of The Day

On a cold and dark November Monday morning after a long weekend, the last thing that you want to hear would be another melancholy song to put you in the drab mood. That’s why I’m trying out my new optimistic ways by making today’s SOTD “Toes” by the Zac Brown Band.

Let’s be honest; country music is on the back burner here at Only in the past few months have I considered giving country music a chance myself. After attending my very first country concert only a few weeks ago, I have to say that Zac Brown Band has brought me a long way. I mean, these guys can PLAY music.

The Zac Brown band formed in 2002 with a heavy schedule of over 200 shows a year! Forming his own label in 2003, it took the band an additional 3 years  before being picked up and distributed by Atlantic Records. The album “The Foundation” produced five #1 hits on the country charts and catapulted the band into national stardom.

This song really turned my day around thinking about warm weather, beaches, tequila, and pretty seniorita’s. Hopefully you’ll open your mind, give it a listen, and for 4 minutes and 21 seconds enjoy the thought of summer again!