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A New Shore

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Song: A New Shore
Artist: Steven Page
Album: Page One (2010)

To say Steven Page wears his heart on his sleeve is probably an understatement.   After an embarrassing run in with the law and splitting with his former band, Barenaked Ladies, Steven Page released his debut album, Page One, last week and wastes no time addressing the controversy that surrounded him on the opening track, A New Shore.

The lyrics seem to tell the story of a man who isn’t quite sure where he’s going or how he got there.   He starts by telling us that he gave up command of his merry band of sailors  before they could watch him drown, but later on, he says he can’t tell if he was pushed or if he jumped off of the ship.  Did the band abandon him or did he quit on them?  At this point, it doesn’t sound like Steven knows for sure, but he’s trying to make his peace with it.

It’s this internal conflict that has always made Steven Page such an dynamic performer.  The indecision (coincidently the second track on the album) that lies within provides an edginess that propels songs forward and gives seemingly innocent lyrics a sting.   And the fact that he’s willing to lay out his insecurities for the world to see only makes his approach to music that much more accessible.