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When You Thought You’d Never Stand Out

Song Of The Day

I’ve always been a sucker for closing songs.  When You Thought You’d Never Stand Out by Copeland is probably the closing track I’ve fallen for the hardest.  Written about some recurring dreams that singer Aaron Marsh had as a child, the vivid imagery coalesces really well with Copeland’s usual lush arrangements.  It’s a longer song that takes you on more of a journey than the rest of the album, yet it’s not overly epic.  It sits well on it’s own, and the finishing harmonies are well worth the wait.

I also can’t say enough about Copeland’s great production quality.  Song elements are always well balanced, without being too polished. The instruments feel organic, and thought was put into every detail.  Of course, as one of my favorite drummers, Jon Bucklew strings together another well fitting drum part.

For fans of Coldplay, Death Cab and Barcelona, this song, and Copeland’s work in general, will not disappoint.