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We Cry

Song Of The Day

There is no doubt that you have heard The Script’s “Break Even” if you’ve listened to a top 40 station in the past 6 months. This pop song has been on repeat so much that I feel like my car ride isn’t complete unless I’ve heard it on the radio twice. However, this band is not just another pop one hit wonder.

The Script (or as I sometimes refer to them, the 2010 Irish Maroon 5) originally formed in Dublin, Ireland under the name Mytown. After being together for 9 years, they released their 2007 debut single “We Cry”. This song never reached an international audience but generated enough buzz for their record to be noticed across the pond. The band says that the idea for the song came about when they were walking through the slums in Ireland and realized that some people from a poverty stricken upbringing are never able to make a better life for themselves or their children.

This video is of an intimate makeshift performance that The Script set up for their MySpace fans. They admitted that this acoustic video came with very little practice. Enjoy!

Written By:
Patrick Kennedy