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War Bells

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It’s almost labor day weekend, which is bittersweet, but requires that everyone have a absolutely good time. Here is a song that bangs hard, royally, designed to help you in that endeavor. Its War Bells from the Royal Bangs, a 3 piece band from Knoxville that plays a boisterous mix of thumping-electro beats layered over with southern-rock guitar stylings. It’s authentic rock and roll, no doubt, but if you end up wanting to break into your club dance it will be understood. The Royal Bangs offer a slightly more southern, and rock based, approach to the recent phenomena of indie rock’s widespread convergence with electric, dance-friendly, sounds.

War Bells is the first track off their album, “Leet it Bleep”, which was released last year. It features a great rythm section; a gritty, quasi electric-sounding, momentous bass line interacts with energetic, yet organic, drum beat. On top of that lies the frolicking guitar lines and Ryan Schaefer’s¬†winsomely sung lyrics, which both draws you in, and injects a palpable dose of “fun” into the mix. And of course the music video features a fuzzy upright whale-like creature and some trippy claymation visuals – and who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Enjoy your Thursday! Enjoy your 3 day weekend! [Get it started now]