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One Headlight

Song Of The Day

Well, we’ve made that official leap from Summer to Fall here in the last week or two and the Midwest is dealing with a rather dreary morning, or at least we are here in Akron, OH.  Therefore, I thought today’s Song of the Day should reflect what I’m witnessing as I look out the window of my second story bedroom.  Today’s title goes to Jakob Dylan and the Wallflowers with “One Headlight.”

I know what you are all thinking right now, “What the hell does ‘One Headlight’ have to do with a dreary Fall morning?”  You would be correct in questioning my logic.  Listen to the song and try to not feel like the protagonist of the lyrics is driving down a main street in a big city with his headlights on, err, headlight on, and the windshield is covered in moisture, not hard rain necessarily, but definitely a drizzle.

The song has such a mellow tonality to it and the snare drum driven beat is essential to this radio hit from 1996.  “One Headlight” was off of the band’s smash album Bringing Down the Horse which went 4x platinum.  Other than this album, the Wallflowers enjoyed little commercial success but have always been lauded with critical acclaim.  Dylan even achieved a top ten solo album which was well received in the critic community just last year with his breakthrough solo effort Women and Country which costarred Neko Case.

So enjoy the dreariness and grab a book and throw on a Wallflowers album today, it does a great job at setting the mood of mellowness for the day!

Written By:

Mitch Inkrott