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Dancing With A Ghost

Song Of The Day

Artist: Valencia

Album: Dancing With A Ghost

Song: Dancing With A Ghost

Today’s song is from the Philadelphia band, Valencia. This song is off their first album on I-Surrender Records after getting dropped by Columbia Records after one album. A band within the scene known for their relentless touring and honest music, there was doubt at one point whether this record would ever come to fruition. Luckily the band decided to continue on by picking up a new drummer and started to write new music. The title track of the new album was the first song to come about and went through many changes and forms. Having seen the band a few times and talked to them a couple times, this is a band I highly back. They are definitely doing music for the right reasons and have more than paid their dues. This particular video was done at a subway station in Philadelphia stripped down from what was done for the record. Enjoy!

Written by:
Michael Schmidt