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Up There

Song Of The Day

Artistry is a very key component when writing and recording music. For my Song Of The Day, I chose a song which is very heavy on both artistry and story. “Up There” from female fronted band VersaEmerge is their greatest musical masterpiece to date in my opinion.

Now you may be thinking “What makes this song so great?” and I will answer that for you. Let’s first delve deeper into the story which is present in the lyrics. Lead singer Sierra Kusterbeck stated in a chat sponsored by their label (Fueled By Ramen) the real story behind the song. She said:

“The song is about a ghost I had in my room. It was another time when I felt like I was going crazy, except my mother thought I was crazy, too. I couldn’t sleep in my room for almost two weeks. I was out on the couch. I came home from tour, and I think I brought home some bad energy because this feeling just sunk into my room. It was draining, and terrifying. I laid in bed wide awake, just staring at one specific corner until I sprinted out of my room with no intention of going back until morning. My mom blamed it on the ghost shows I watch on TV and my curiosity in the paranormal. We hung a crystal in the corner of my room and burned some sage. It’s better now.”

If the overall message of the song doesn’t send chills down your spine after reading it, this next bit will. As I previously said, artistry is very important when writing and recording a song. Now with that in mind, when one listens closely there is a section where a voice seems to be speaking in reverse. As many people were curious to if this was actually significant, someone finally took the time to make a video where the song is played backwards. The voice that was previously heard backwards can now be clearly heard as Sierra’s voice calling out to her ‘ghost’. If one continues to listen to the song backwards there is a slew of hidden messages hidden within the version that only reinforces the creepy, haunting feeling that the original version instills in the listener.

With hidden subliminal messages, haunting melodies and an interesting storyline to boot, I  think that “Up There” is definitely one of the best songs to come off of VersaEmerge’s new full length LP Fixed At Zero.