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Twenty Four

Song Of The Day

Artist: Balance and Composure
Album: Balance and Composure/Tigers Jaw 7” Split (2010)
Song: Twenty Four

Today’s song of the day is from one of my favorite bands this year called, Balance and Composure from a little town in Pennsylvania. Although I heard about these guys last year, I did not get into them right away. However; when the most recent 7” with Tigers Jaw (awesome band as well) came out this past May I checked it out and immediately latched on to it. The song I chose to share with everyone is called, “Twenty Four.” This is an interesting song because it is, to me a good example of the roller coaster type of song that starts slow and builds up, comes back down, and finally picks up again. The emotion in which Jonathon Simmons sings is what initially drew me in along with tons of energy.

What I love about this song is that it reminds of Daisy era Brand New meshed with a Saves the Day element. I also love the minimal production here because the raw indie punk sound really works well for these guys. I think a lot of newer bands today go for the big radio sound instead of what punk music used to be about (passion, energy, community, etc). To me, everything about this song works well. I especially love the guitars after the slow bridge. Hearing something new like this makes me hopeful that there are still good up and coming bands. With all of the neon bands this past year or so it was hard to find new bands that seemed to love making music as much as they love being in a band. Enjoy the song and the weekend!

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Michael Schmidt