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To Travel and Trunks

Song Of The Day

Song: To Travel and Trunks
Band: Hey Marseilles
Album: To Travel and Trunks (2010)

When people think about Seattle’s music scene, one of three things usually comes to mind: 90s grunge, Nirvana or Pearl Jam.  The greatness of these things can overshadow the more recent developments in Seattle’s music culture.  Since the 90s, Seattle has given us Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse, Fleet Foxes and a host of other musicians and genres.  Also calling Seattle home, Hey Marseilles is an up-and-coming band that deserves a listen.

Although they’re classified as indie pop, Hey Marseilles is nothing like what gets played on most pop stations.   Instead of solely relying on guitars to carry the songs, Hey Marseilles uses more types of instruments than there are members in the band.  It’s not uncommon to hear an accordion, viola, cello, trumpet along with the more standard guitars and drums.   I think it’s this layering of instruments that makes them a refreshing change of pace.

Today’s song, To Travel and Trunks, is my favorite song off their debut album of the same name.   The song seems to be about longing to go home and longing for a girl and being denied of both.   Give the song a listen and let us know what you think.