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Tickle Me Pink

Song Of The Day

Song: Tickle Me Pink
Artist: Johnny Flynn
Album: A Larum (2008)
Website: johnny-flynn.com

“Pray for the people inside your head / For they won’t be there when you’re dead”.  Taken at face value, this line of  today’s Song of the Day sounds depressing to say the least, but upon further inspection, it’s actually uplifting.

Tickle Me Pink is a standout track off Johnny Flynn’s debut album, A Larum, and full of lyrical insights.  Which brings me back to the opening statement about being dead.  What Johnny Flynn is trying to say is that you should feel sorry for those nagging voices in your head that tell you not to take risks or do something outside your comfort level because they’re not permanent.  The voices don’t have to hold you back if you don’t want them to.

Johnny Flynn has toured with another OurVinyl favorite, Mumford & Sons, and while they certainly belong in the same genre, each has a unique sound.  And speaking of tours, Johnny Flynn is currently touring stateside.  Check out today’s song and if you like what you here, see if he’s coming to a city near you.