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I Get Nervous In Cars

Song Of The Day

After a long post last week and since it’s Friday, I will keep it brief. Today’s song is from a Post Hardcore/Punk group called, Therefore I Am. The song is, I Get Nervous In Cars and comes from the 2007 EP, Escape. While this song is a remake from a previous effort it is my favorite song of theirs and to me is filled with a ton of influences. I hear punk, hardcore, some metal, and even some Thursday with the imagery in the lyrics. Coming from the Massachusetts scene that is filled with up and coming acts (Four Year Strong, Vanna,  A Loss For Words, etc.) they have been on the rise for several years and finally landed a record deal with Equal Vision for their latest release.

Besides being my favorite song from the group I chose a song from this unsigned release because I think this an EP aspiring rock bands should draw influences from when trying to make it in the music industry. Make music from the heart that you yourself are proud of. For virtually a DIY release, the production quality is pretty stellar as well. If you want a song that gets you moving, this is it. Finally, on a side note, if you want handmade and custom-made guitars at very affordable prices, Travis from Therefore I Am has a company called, Venture Guitars. Enjoy the weekend everybody!

Written by:
Michael Schmidt