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This Must Be The Place

Song Of The Day

Artist: Talking Heads

Song: This must be the place (naïve melody)

Album: Speak in Tongues

The talking heads need no introduction.  Their new wave musical style has been influential to countless bands as well as music itself.  “This must be the place (naïve melody)” is off the band’s fifth album and was released in 1983.

This song possesses a rare quality in that David Byrne admits that he wrote it as a love song , when love was a topic that Byrne frequently shied away from.  The words “naïve melody” in the title refer to the simple repetitive chords that the guitar and bass play throughout the duration of the song. In Byrne’s eyes, most professional musicians wouldn’t waste their time playing a song written in such a way.

Byrne does a brilliant job of highlighting the emotions involved in the realization of true love.  The first half of the song has a lonelier shade to it, with lines like “I feel numb, born with a weak heart,
I guess I must be having fun ,The less we say about it the better, make it up as we go along”.

The latter half of the song finishes with an energy that can warm your mood especially if you have a significant other. The line “I can’t tell one from another, Did I find you, or you find me?” is a beautifully simple one but says so much.

If for nothing else, it’s a relaxing song you can throw on when you have a couple friends over. Happy Thursday everyone!

Written by Jim Sobie

By James Sobie