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The Remedy

Song Of The Day

It’s interesting to look back at the songs that dominated the airwaves nearly a decade ago. In 2000, Jason Mraz was an emerging and promising artist circulating his debut CD “Waiting For My Rocket To Come”. He had a fresh style and was lumped into the comparisons of the newly emerging artists of the time like Jack Johnson and John Mayer.

I worked at an establishment that played the top 40 songs of the day when “The Remedy” first came out. I must admit, the song caught my attention at first but really wore out its welcome after a week. I couldn’t go 90 minutes without this song making its way to the speaker system.

It’s nice to see an artist adjust their old tunes to become fresh again. This new take opened my mind to this song. Mraz claims that he wrote this song about a friend who was in a heated battle with cancer and eventually won. I had the opportunity to see and meet the band back in 2004 and they are genuinely nice people. After discovering this on youtube, I felt that it was time to bring a new version of a song you know to your ears so that you could experience it too. Enjoy!