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The Damned Things

We’ve Got a Situation Here

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Artist: The Damned Things
Album: Ironiclast (Comes out December 14th on Island Records)
Song: We’ve Got a Situation Here

The Damned Things are a hard rock super group of sorts that formed a couple years ago by members of three well-known bands. Founding members Joe Trohman (Fall Out Boy) and Scott Ian (Anthrax) started the band a couple years ago. After a few songs were done, Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die) was asked to join the band as their lead vocalist. Around this time Andy Hurley (Fall Out Boy) was asked to play drums as he, like Joe comes from a hardcore and metal background. Rob Caggiano (Anthrax) was asked to join as well. He plays lead guitar and bass on the album. Josh Newton (Every Time I Die) has since joined for touring as the bassist and for all tense purposes is a member now.

The style they play is very refreshing to hear in music these days. They incorporate elements from all their previous bands while also adding a classic rock and blues element as well. The three guitar assault is really cool in that unless they have a particular riff going, they are all playing different parts making the listener’s experience very intriguing. Keith’s writing style and singing style are taken in a much different direction from ETID. Instead of doing almost all screaming vocals, he is experimenting with his clean vocals. With his lyrics, he is focusing more on the melody and making sure things flow instead of making sure the content is thorough. It’s a give and take with two different styles.

The song I am sharing is the first single for the album and is a good introduction to the band. It’s got the riffs, the heavy aspect, and the hooks. This is heavy rock and roll song that at its core, is damn catchy. The chorus gets stuck in your head like a pop song does and the riffs and solos make you want to air guitar like a good metal song should. It’s in your face and catchy at the same time. Enjoy!

Written by:
Michael Schmidt