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An Animated Description

Song Of The Day

Music is an art form, plain and simple.  This is why it’s always interesting to go come across a band that takes this idea to a new level and truly expresses themselves in a way different from everyone else.  For those of you who have never heard of The Books, today is you lucky day.

Back in 2005 The Books released their album Lost and Safe.  This album contained one of the more interesting songs that I’ve ever heard; the song is “An Animated Description of Mr. Maps.”  What makes the song intriguing is the great use of audio samples that don’t feel like they necessarily belong in the song.  They are thoughtfully used and give a song that seems extremely disjointed some rhythm.  Another interesting note about this song is the use of instruments in the beginning of the song.  It appears the band went into a garage and started banging on anything they could find to create the beat.

So, sit back and enjoy The Books’ “Animated Description of Mr. Maps” and if this avant-garde style of music interests you go ahead and check them out on iTunes and pick up their newest album The Way Out which was released just this year.

Written By:

Mitch Inkrott