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Take It Easy

Song Of The Day

Song: Take It Easy
Band: Surfer Blood
Album: Astro Coast (2010)

After last week’s uber-depressing Song of the Day pick,  a friend challenged me to write an article about a hopeful song.   Half-joking that I might not even own one, I went to work scouring my music collection to find something that didn’t offer a bleak outlook on relationships.  It took a bit of digging, but I stumbled across the perfect song that describes the potential of a new relationship.

Surfer Blood has been compared to Blue Album-era Weezer due to their use of extremely catchy guitar hooks and meaningful lyrics and on Take It Easy, they live up to and potentially exceed the comparison.   The song opens with an awesome guitar and multiple drum kit jam and then gets right into describing a feeling anybody in a new relationship can relate to.  “You and me, could it be meant to be / Nothing’s wrong when I’m with you / The ice in me is melting rapidly / Now I’m a believer too”.

Even though this is an optimistic song, it has a pragmatic side.  The artist knows that he can’t rush into it and act on all of his feelings right away thus the song’s title.   Until he understands what makes the relationship tick, he wants to take it easy lest he do something dumb causing them both to be sorry.  My advice to him would be to let things develop naturally and not to get hung up on acting a part.  Relationships can’t be logic-ed through; they’re there to be experienced.