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Song Of The Day

Song: Stranger
Band: Noah and the Whale
Album: The First Days of Spring (2009)

“Last night I slept with a stranger / for the first time since you’ve gone”.   Not many songs are written about one night stands and the ones are released are usually glorify the artist’s ability to seduce women at the bar.  Today’s Song of the Day, Stranger by Noah and the Whale, is written from a completely different perspective.   In it, the lead singer reflects on his decision to sleep with a woman he just met and how desperately he wants to avoid the awkward morning after.

The First Days of Spring, the album from which today’s song comes from, documents a break up and how the singer deals with it.  You can’t help but feel his pain throughout the album with Stranger being the narrative of something we’ve all probably done once.  He addresses the shame and awkwardness of a one night stand and how he feels that he may never forgive himself for this temporary lapse of judgment.

But even with that being said, the last verse demonstrates that even in the darkest moments of a break up that there is still hope and that’s something each of us should remember.   “You know in a year, it’s gonna be better / You know in a year, I’m gonna be happy”