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Stone Temple Pilots - Core

Song of the Day: Stone Temple Pilots – Plush

Song Of The Day

Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Song: Plush
Album: Core

Today’s song of the day is Plush by STP and the song comes from one of my favorite albums of the ’90s. At this point, I don’t think they need much of an introduction at this point. If STP happened to be before your time, they were an influential hard rock group mostly big in the ’90s. This was the second single for the album and is probably one of their biggest songs. The ’90s for me, was a great time for music, both popular and underground. I felt like STP while being pretty popular did not compromise their music or sound a whole lot. Other factors may have been a reason for that, but I felt like the art was put first before commerce with their music and I will always respect that approach. If you know the song, have a nostalgia moment, if you do not know the song, start learning!

Written by:
Michael Schmidt