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Where Rainbows Never Die

Song Of The Day

You know, I’ve never understood why bluegrass music hasn’t caught on and stuck in this country. The Midwest and Southern parts of the United States are hell-bent on Nascar and country music, and bluegrass is as close to true country music as you can get. Nevertheless, Nashville based bluegrass band Steeldrivers released a new album last week, Reckless, to very littler fanfare. Ninety percent of this country has probably never heard of this group and never will, and that’s a shame.

On their new album, Steeldrivers wrote what may have been the best bluegrass song in the past few years with “Where Rainbows Never Die.” The song tells the story of an old man going through inner turmoil as he knowingly nears the end of his life. He’s extremely proud of himself for his accomplishments, but seems to be a little hesitant to fade away. He feels as if he wants to go out with a blaze of glory, but he’s accepted his fate. In an eerie way, the song is one of the most uplifting songs I’ve heard this calendar year. If you are from the country and grew up in a small town or from the city and grew up on a city block, this song will instantly make you have a new respect for your elders and possibly even bring a tear to you eye.

The song is beautifully arranged with just a subtle acoustic guitar and beautiful melody being the driving factors. You almost get the feeling that the old man Steeldrivers are singing about is just sitting on his porch picking his six-string singing it to the prairie in front of him. For those more interested in this band, and I think you should be, think of a more lyrically mature Old Crow Medicine Show. This band is very deep in though most of the time and very gifted musically. Their music is on iTunes, go ahead and pick it up. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Steeldrivers – Where Rainbows Never Die from Rounder Records on Vimeo.

Written By:
Mitch Inkrott