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Stay With Me

Song Of The Day

Today’s Song Of The Day is from an alternative rock band entitled You Me At Six hailing from Surrey, England. With the release of their second studio album, Hold Me Down, they have been on a constant rise in the global music scene due to its widespread success. After having this past summer played the entire length of the infamous Vans Warped Tour, You Me At Six are now touring in Japan, Australia, the UK and Ireland for the remainder of the year. As well as having been recently released as the third single from the new album, “Stay With Me” has also been recently on repeat on my iTunes.

“Stay With Me” starts out with a boom as the guitar and drums begin impressively and sweep the listener up in the song. As the picking of the guitar progesses, lead singer Josh Franchesci makes his appearance starting off with what is, in my opinion, the most powerful line of the song, “You’ve got a lot to say for the one that walked away.” It immediately sets off the accusing tone that fits along perfectly with the message being portrayed through the lyrics.

“Stay With Me” seems to be about the internal and external struggle someone has when dealing with a bad breakup. All of the accusations, second thoughts and the inevitable question of who’s to blame for the separation are all present in the words. Franchesci’s voice offers his emotions heavily to the listener as they are able to adopt a sense of what he may have felt when writing the song.

His vocals have an interesting sound. While his vocals have a slight rasp they have the ability to be soft and eloquent. On the other hand they can also exert such a power and force that you can feel his emotions wrapping themselves around you. The notes Franchesci has the capability also demonstrate the insane range that he possesses.

All in all, I enjoy this song thoroughly. It’s wonderful to listen to even if you haven’t gone through a horrible break up because it is simply beautiful. Be sure to check out their MySpace to hear more music by them! And be sure to check out the interview I did with Matt and Chris from You Me At Six at the Vans Warped Tour!