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Spoon is a band that has been releasing top notch music for over a decade now. They could almost be considered indie’s poster band for the 00’s. Their last album “Transference”, a truly wonderful collections of songs the band self-produced, gave them the most exposure yet and actually went to number 4 on the US charts. However, for today’s song of the day we are going to listen to a song from their past, from when they were quite undiscovered. Metal Detetkor is a song from their 3rd release, “A Series of Sneaks”, which came out in the bygone year of 1998.

The intro of the song is classic, with some silence and then a hollow beat comes in for a while, before filling out. There is an audiophile level of attention to the sonic texture of the song which is palpable. It has a great clean strutting, side-shuffling, drum beat – the kind that Spoon has become known for (and for good reason). There is a pleasantly subtle lo-fi feel to the song without still retaining a certain crispness. A terrific gritty drone-like sound adds the majority of the emotion to the song, with Britt Daniels voice adding the rest.

While this song is 12 years old, one probably wouldn’t know that unless they were told as it has a timeless indie to it. It truly showcases Spoon’s ability to master the simple. It still remains one of their best tracks. The music video for this song below is not from Spoon, someone else made it for fun, but it’s still kind of interesting (at least more so than just looking at the album cover).

Happy Thursday everyone [get that weekend started now]!