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It All Relates

Song Of The Day

Artist: Sharks
Album: Show of Hands (Self-released)
Song: It All Relates

The song for this beautiful day comes overseas from a British D.I.Y. band called Sharks. Their sound is very much a throwback indeed. Mixing styles of ’70s British punk and classic rock with their D.I.Y. ethics makes for a pretty refreshing sound that will take you back a few decades. It’s been a long time since I was taken aback so much by a new band. So for that I am thankful. It was announced this week that the band agreed to a certain partnership with the Oregon label, Rise Records. The signing was dubbed by people in the scene as a “WTF” signing for the label because they typically signs similar-sounding metalcore bands. However, there is a bit of repositioning going on with the label recently.

Enjoy this song for what it is. Young men wearing their influences on their sleeves and paying homage to bands like Crass, the Damned, the Adicts and the Clash. It features a very memorable chorus as well as some intriguing guitar parts. Don’t try and fight it, the chorus will stick with you. For current musical comparisons they sound musically like the Gaslight Anthem with more of a punk edge and less blues influence. Vocally, however, they are in their own league. No one sounds like them. Give the song a shot as I think they are a very promising new band. With the recent signing they will likely be coming to the US sometime next year.

Written by:
Michael Schmidt