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Run like hell

Run Like Hell

Song Of The Day

Today’s song of the day isn’t going to be a revelation of a great new song or band that has flown under your radar. Indeed if this band isn’t on your musical radar then you must have been sleeping since the early 1970s. Today’s OurVinyl song of the day is Pink Floyd’s classic Run Like Hell, and is the song of the day in honor of the Roger Waters’ tour of “The Wall” that is currently in swing, and of the Chicago show tonight that OurVinyl will be covering. Run Like Hell is the 9th song of the second LP of “The Wall” and is a little different from the other songs on the album by its almost dance-like continual beat, highlighted with arcing guitar riffs, and slightly aggressive lyrics, which becomes quasi-sing a long at some points. This song, instead of employing beautiful dynamic progression (as Pink Floyd usually did), opts to revolve around a consistent & vibrant beat and then controls the energy simply with the lyrics and effected guitars. It was a sign of the Pink Floyd to come after “The Wall” (which was released in 1979) and indeed of rock music in general as things moved toward the “New Wave” sound of the 80s.

The music for this song was written by David Gilmour, but the lyrics are all Roger Waters creation. Those lyrics are supposed to be from a speech given by a fascist leader as he entices a concert audience into an angry mob and then sends them out into the streets to do unspeakable things. The speaker is Pink (the band’s “anti-hero,” loosely based on former band member Syd Barrett) who is hallucinating that he has become a fascist leader while on stage at his own concert. This interpretation is based off the movie “The Wall”, in which we see these events happen . So while it is a quasi-dark song, its really about one’s inner darkness and the universal potential for any of us to slip into the dark side, as opposed to the darkness of actual events.

So on this Thursday lets all take in some music that is 30+ years old, music that has influenced every rock musician since then, music that still packs 20,000+ people into stadiums all over the world. And for good reason – it’s magical and unmatched. It’s F*#%ing Pink Floyd people!

Happy Thursday Everyone! [get that weekend started now]