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Record Collection

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The song of the day today comes from Mark Ronson and the Business Intl.  After listening to this song, off the album ‘Record Collection’, one thing is certain:  Mark Ronson is the business.

In the music world, Mark Ronson is a Renaissance man.  He is a DJ, talented musician, music producer and co-founder of Allido Records.  He is probably most known for producing Amy Winehouse’s debut album, Back to Black, in 2007.  After reviewing his resume, this is the least he has done—which isn’t too bad.

Ronson began as a DJ in hip hop spots while attending Vassar College and later, NYU.  His British roots combined with the New York hip hop scene and his affinity for funk gained him major respect in the celebrity world.  He went from $50 gigs in ’93 to being featured in a Tommy Hilfiger ad in ’99 as well as being sought out for high profile private parties.  He moved on in the 2000s to pursue a variation of achievements.

‘Record Collection’ is Ronson’s third studio album, released on September 27, 2010.  The aptly titled song, Record Collection, is cleverly written and heavily influenced by the guest singers.  Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran lends his unique voice to the chorus.  Wiley, an English rapper, DJ and producer, keeps the song in the current year by making an appearance before the last verse.

Everything Ronson does is intentional.  His lyrics are hilarious, almost making fun of his fame and how it precedes him.  It really is a lot of nonsense.  “I ride around town in a chariot, I get preferential treatment at the Marriott…”  He’s throwing back to an era where New Wave bands first started “rapping” in songs.  There is a strong 80s feel to the song blended with distinctive, almost whimsical, beats.

If Mark Ronson’s main objective is to be in your record collection, mission accomplished.

Check out the song, I dare you not to dance—or at least feel cooler for listening to it:

Mark Ronson and the Business Intl., Record Collection