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Rabbit in your Headlights

Song Of The Day

I vividly remember sitting in my friend’s basement in 1998 listening to him rave about this amazing band called ‘Radiohead’. Being the narrow minded 6th grader that I was, I immediately dismissed this band as uncreative due to their unoriginal name. Months later, while watching my usual fix on MTV (back when music was actually being played), they kept announcing a music video that had been banned from airing before 10pm. Obviously this perked my interest!

I stayed up on a school night anxiously awaiting this Jonathan Glazer masterpiece and was not disappointed by any means. Remember that this was a simpler day when CGI wasn’t around every corner and there were no outlets such as youtube to air material like this.

I have to admit, today’s Song of the Day is more about the video than the song. Depicting a man in a parka speaking jibberish and being hit by cars, enjoy “Rabbit in Your Headlights”.