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Song of the Day: “Picturing You” by Jeremy Lister

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Surrounded by cow pastures and oversized trucks in the middle of Mississippi, Jeremy Lister grew up sprouting deeps roots in classic oldies. Lister attributes his mother’s influence to his love affair of 60’s and 70’s pop-rock. With the support of his parents, Lister always had an instrument in hand, though one never really stuck until he received a guitar for Christmas his senior year of high school. He packed up his gear and moved to Nashville with his brother after graduating. In 2003, Lister recorded his first solo EP “Shooting Star” while bartending at an Italian restaurant. He handed the album to anyone within arm’s reach and began headlining shows.


“Picturing You” reminds me of something out of Paul McCartney’s repertoire in the early 80’s. The harmonies over the bridge pull a similar feeling from a Brian Wilson song while the intro piano makes me think of Billy Joel’s “Goodnight My Angel”.


I had the opportunity to see Jeremy Lister as he passed through St. Louis during my late high school days. There’s something about a grass root musician you haven’t seen in 6 years that makes you wonder what ever happened to them. I know that I’ve never heard any of his songs on the radio. His amazing tune “Hostage” often pops up when my ipod is on shuffle. When this happens, I’m reminded of the incredible show that I stumbled upon long ago. I hope you enjoy this mellow groove on a Monday morning!