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Love Like A Sunset Part 3

Song Of The Day

Just yesterday Phoenix released a brand new song to hold fans over in between albums, and it’s not just any song, it’s a continuation of maybe their most majestic song off of “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix”, and is succinctly titled Love Like A Sunset Part 3. Just yesterday the group released this song and offered it as a free gift for anyone that would retweet their message, “Phoenix is playing @MSGnyc Oct 20th! For info & to get a free DL of “Love Like a Sunset Pt3” go to: #PHOENIXatMSG.” (So go get yours, twitter people!) So not only did they find a great way to promote their MSG show – and themselves – they have found a novel way of employing twitter to share free digital information. That’s thinking outside the box and deserves kudos, also don’t be surprised if you see this tactic copied by other artists.

Like it’s predecessors, Love Like A Sunset Part 3, it is an amalgamation of digitalized DJ-friendly beats which build up to meet the band halfway between an organic sound and a synchronized one while it repeatedly crescendos with the pleasingly familiar electric-organ sounds associated with this song. Although to be sure, Phoenix definite over focused on Part 3 being danceable and therefore it is slightly more electronic in nature, apparently Phoenix wants to make you move with this one.

Like parts 1 & 2, the vocals are held off for a while, until the 4th min of this 8 min song, so as to build the appropriate momentum needed for a song that is playing tribute to such substantial topics as love and sunsets. But interestingly enough, instead of having the expected last crescendo end the song it reverts back into the dance beat it began with, coming full circle. And while it isn’t as dynamic or interesting a song as Part 1 & 2 found on the album, it doesn’t have to be exactly because of the reason that it isn’t on an album. It is seemingly just for fun, and for you to have freely, so take Phoenix up on their offer and enjoy…. until Part 4 comes out of course.

Happy Thursday everyone! [get that weekend started now]

Phoenix – “Love Like A Sunset Part III” by Some Kind of Awesome