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Painting Flowers

Song Of The Day

Today’s  Song Of The Day comes from the pop-punk Baltimore natives All Time Low. Their music has gone through various changes throughout the years including the switch to more conventional auto-tune methods for their third, most recent album Nothing Personal. Many of the older fans were a bit perplexed as to why they would use such methods to make their new album and were a bit concerned All Time Low was going down the path to conforming to the mainstream sound.  But their faith in the band was restored with the release of their track “Painting Flowers” they made for the soundtrack of feature film Alice In Wonderland.

Unlike their songs from Nothing Personal (namely tracks like “Weightless” and “Lost In Stereo”) this song’s composition was overwhelmingly raw and genuine. The powerful riffs and backing drums radiated a classic rock sound that you might find in a power ballad. The sudden 180 in their music caused people to raise an eyebrow and also in a standing ovation. In an interview after the song was released, lead singer Alex Gaskarth revealed that fans should expect to hear more music like what one hears in the song “Painting Flowers”.

The song is a favorite among both new and old All Time Low fans and it isn’t even on any of their official albums. We all must wait for the release of their next album to see if Alex’s words hold true!