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From the album “Where the Light Is”, John Mayer exclaims ““Let me first say how wonderful it feels to know that it’s 2007 and we just launched into a slow blues and seven thousand people in L.A. just went nuts.” Not always credited for his guitar playing, this “Your Body is a Wonderland” songwriter became a fan of the blues at the age of 13 after being introduced to Stevie Ray Vaughan. He then discovered SRV’s biggest influence, Jimi Hendrix, and covers 2 songs (3 if you count the outro to Who Did You Think I Was) during his 6 song set with the trio on this live album.

The John Mayer Trio formed in 2005 after the record company released “Daughters” as a single. John claimed that he didn’t want to put that song on the album for fear of falling into a trap and being known as the sensitive singer songwriter for the rest of his career. Daughters went on to win a grammy for “song of the year” in 2005.

John has one of the most soulful guitar solos I have heard from anyone in the past decade even though he notes immediately after the performance that he had doubts about it because he felt licks were being repeated too much. The guitar tone is INCREDIBLE!

Written By:
Patrick Kennedy